Some Dog/Handler Teams Training this Week


Di with Rex training for CCD obedience and Rally Excellent

Sara with Jewel training for Open obedience and Rally Excellent
Lana with Ben training for CD obedience and Rally Advanced
Dimity with Arnie training for CCD obedience and Rally Excellent
Sue with Molly training for Novice obedience and Rally Advanced
Annette with the mighty Mondo training for UDX
Mary with Lilly training for Rally Excellent and Open Obedience
Linda with Gracie - 65kgs of beautiful Neopolitan Mastiff training for Rally Novice
A bit of Group Stay training
Sara and Jewell2.jpg
A spot of tug-play to finish the work session.
Sara and Jewell3.jpg

Jewel learning the dumbbell retrieve over the wall.

Sara and Jewell.jpg

And a little tug & tunnel play to finish the session.

Dimity and Arnie struttin' their stuff.

Dimity and Arnie2.jpg
Annette OC pres Oct 2018.jpg

Annette's new Obedience candidate: Vandal

Annette with Mondo at the presentation for her "Obedience Champion Title"