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My Training System

I want to create a happy, confident dog who is correct in his work


  • When I train, it's all about having FUN with my dog


  • I use food and tug-toys in a Reward Based Training system


  • I find this format instantly develops clear communication with my dog


  • I also use structured play to build drive and/or relieve stress


  • This training system reinforces my pack leadership status


  • It also builds very high levels of respect from my dog towards me


  • My pack leadership rules always apply at home as well as when training


  • I make a plan of each training session before I start


  • This means I train what I can't do, I don't keep training what I can do


  • For me, repetition kills drive, I find variation builds concentration


  • I always remember the 1 Second Rule when training


  • I only train for as long as my dog can genuinely concentrate


  • I keep the session short, fun and very simple


  • Mistakes - I never blame my dog, I blame my communication skills


Mark Murray



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