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45 years of Dog Training & Canine Business Experience


Early 1970's

  • Attended obedience classes at a prominent Melbourne obedience club with my female Irish Setter

  • After 2 lessons I left the club because the only training method on offer was compulsion which proved to be totally unsuitable for my 'very soft' Irish Setter. 

  • The club couldn't offer any alternative training methods, as there were no other recognised methods in use at the time.

  • At home, I started to experiment with very rudimentary play-reward techniques using a tennis ball to keep my dog happy, focused and somewhat correct.


Late 1970's to Early 1980's

  • Joined the Dobermann Club of Victoria for obedience training for my 2nd dog, a male Dobermann.

  • Became an Obedience Instructor, Committee member and Club Treasurer over a six year period..

  • Competed in ANKC obedience & tracking Trials

  • In conjunction with Mr. Keith Ralph, I developed the Working Aptitude Evaluation Program for the National Dobermann Council of Australia. This a temperament testing program which is still in use today.

  • Certified as a 'Working Aptitude Evaluation Program' judge for 4 years.


Mid to Late 1980's

  • I left the ANKC world and became a member of Melbourne Schutzhund Club for the next 7 years.

  • Alternated in roles of President and also Chief Instructor for many years.

  • Our Club brought a number of experienced overseas trainers to Australia to help improve our training techniques and handler skills.Their depth of knowledge was inspiring.

  • Competed in Schutzhund I, II and III with my Dobermann in competitions around Australia.

  • After 7 years, I retired my Dobermann due to old age and stopped competing in Schutzhund, bitterly disappointed with the way the Sport was being run in Australia at that time.

Early 1990's to Late 1990's

  • Changed breeds to Belgian Malinois and so began a 20 year involvement with the Breed. 

  • Selected a puppy from one of the first Malinois litters bred in Australia and started training her in the Dutch Police Dog Training program (KNPV) and the United States Police Canine program (USPCA).

  • Created the business called Pet Health Food Products which still manufactures and distributes the excellent dog-food product known as "Ecopet". Sold the business to my partner 2 years later.

  • Then purchased an old retail pet shop located in Mentone during 1994, built up the business and sold it in late 1996.

  • Established "Murray's Dog Training" - a business specialising in competition obedience training and behaviour modification for problem dogs.

  • Clients were predominately handlers training for ANKC obedience, IPO and tracking competitions.

  • The business also trained suitable dogs for arson investigation service work and narcotics detection services.

Late 1990's to Early 2000's

  • Established the business "Award K9 Sports Centre" in Doveton (Melbourne).

  • The business comprised an indoor obedience training Centre, purpose-built in-door heated dog swimming pool, a retail pet shop, hydrobaths, dryers, walking machines, part-time groomer and consulting chiropractor

  • Completed around 40 private obedience lessons each week over the five years of operation. Clients were predominately ANKC competition dogs and dogs with behavioural issues.

  • The business was also certified by the City of Casey as a "Registered Dog Training Establishment" licenced to undertake protection training for Licenced Security Guards and Service Personnel.

  • Trained up to 20 dog-handler teams each week over the 5 years of operation.

  • The business was sold in 2002 and I moved to Bendigo to semi-retire.


Mid 2000's to Current Time

  • Moved to Central Victoria and continued with "Murray's Dog Training" providing obedience training and behavioural training in the Bendigo Region.

  • Completed in-home lessons, weekly group classes and conducted weekend seminars for many Melbourne and country dog clubs

  • Conducted puppy temperament assessments for breeders looking to place pups into the most appropriate homes

  • Volunteered my services to Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services for temperament assessments and obedience training for dogs coming into their care at the shelter.

  • A serious car accident in late 2015 meant I had to dramatically scale-back my dog training activities.

  • My focus is now

    • coaching dog/handler teams competing in ANKC obedience, tracking and IPO

    • Assisting clients who own dogs with behavioural issues.

    • Running workshops and seminars for Clubs, training groups and businesses in the Community

    • And conducting puppy temperament assessments 

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