Weekly Competition Classes



Held at my training grounds at the Longlea Recreational Reserve on a Friday morning, these classes are for clients who are competing in ANKC Obedience and Rally competitions.

I strive to create really focussed, energised and happy dogs who are extremely precise in their work.

Every dog has it's own individual temperament and therefore has it's own particular way of learning new exercises.

Creating a really high standard competition dog involves assessing your dog's temperament and then selecting the right training method that will suit your dog's development.

As your dog's performance improves, the training system will also slowly evolve, creating even more energy, precision and enjoyment in your dog.



If you're having trouble with one or more of the Obedience or Rally exercises, then contact me to have a chat and see if I can provide a solution for your problem(s). There's always a new or alternate approach that will give you the success you're looking for with these exercises.