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Recent Trial Results....

Tracking Ch Kormeister Vandamm  CDX  RN

King of The Mountain 4.7.20 (002).jpg

Vandal's Scorecard to Date:


Track 1:            'Excellent' rating

Track 2:            'Very Good' rating

Track 3:            'Very Good' rating 

Track 4:            'Excellent' rating

Track 5:            'Very Good' rating

Track 6:            'Excellent' rating -  TDX Title

Track 7:            'Very Good" rating

Track 8:            'Very Good' Rating -  Tracking Champion Title

CCD Title:         96/100 - (1st in Ring),  98/100 - (1st in Ring), 100/100 - (1st in Ring)

CD Title:            192/200 - (1st in Ring and 2nd in Trial)

                          195/200 - (1st in Ring and High in Trial)

                          197/200 - (1st in Ring and High in Trial)

Rally Novice:      99/100 - (1st in Ring and High in Trial)



Open Title:          Bairnsdale Obedience Club      198/200 - (1st In Ring & High in Trial)

                           Gippsland Obedience Club       197/200 - (1st in Ring & High in Trial)

                           Gippsland Obedience Club       190/200 - (1st in Ring)

                           Geelong Obedience Club          199/200 - (1st in Ring & High in Trial)

BH Title:              Highlands Sportdog Club - Bowral NSW


Congratulations to Annette and Vandal on gaining your BH working dog Title held in Bowral NSW. Awesome work once again. Best wishes from everyone in the Group.

Di with Zandrac Some Kind Of Love  CCD  RN


Poppy's Scorecard to Date:

Rally Novice:           96/100 (1st in Ring),  100/100 (1st in Ring),  100/100 (1st in Ring)

CCD Title:                97/100 (1st in Ring),  98/100 (1st in Ring),  94/100 (2nd in Ring)

Novice Title:            188/200 (1st in Ring)

Congratulations to Di and Poppy on your 1st pass in Novice Obedience. Well Done!!

Julie with R.Ch.  Kasadecav True Grit  CDX  TK.N

Davey's Scorecard To Date:

Open Title:                            Kyeamba   184/200 - (1st in Ring)

                                             Melton        191/200 - (1st in Ring & High in Trial)

                                             Albury         187/200 - (3rd in Ring)

Rally Masters Title:              Bendigo       94/100

                                             Bendigo        94/100

                                             Werribee       96/100 - (4th in Ring)

                                             Wangaratta   95/100 - (3rd in Ring)

Rally Advanced Title:            Bendigo        96/100 (1st in Ring), 97/100 (1st in Ring)

Rally Excellent Title:             Bendigo         96/100 (1st in Ring)

Novice Tricks Title:               M&DDWD     78/80 - (4th in Ring)

                                             M&DDWD     77.9/80 - (1st in Ring)

Intermediate Tricks Title:      Shepparton   76/80 - (2nd in Ring)

                                             Shepparton   76/80 - (2nd in Ring)

                                             Bendigo        76.85/80

                                             M&DDWD      78.5/80 (1st in Ring)

                                             M&DDWD      77/80 (1st in Ring)

Congratulations Julie on your 2 First Placings at M&DDWD on the weekend. Excellent work. Best wishes from the Group.


Lana and Ben  CCD  CD  RN

Ben's scorecard to date:

CCD Title:                  88/100 (1st in Ring),  85/100 (2nd in Ring),  92/100 (3rd in Ring)

CD Title:                    179/100 (3rd in Ring),  170,  174


Rally Novice Title:      92/100,    84/100,    85/100 







Congratulations to Lana & Ben on gaining your CD Title with really great scores.

Edwina with Lizzie  ET


Lizzie's scorecard to Date:

Endurance Title:         Pass   

Congratulations to Edwina & Lizzie on gaining your Endurance Title (ET). 20 kms is a long way in any man's language !

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