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Recent Trial Results....

Lana and Ben  CD  R.N.

Ben's scorecard to date:

CCD Title:                  88/100 (1st in Ring),  85/100 (2nd in Ring),  92/100 (3rd in Ring)

CD Title:                    179/100 (3rd in Ring),  170,  174


Rally Novice Title:      92/100,    84/100,    85/100 







Congratulations to Lana & Ben on gaining your CD Title with really great scores.

Annette and Vandal  TD

King of The Mountain 4.7.20 (002).jpg

Vandal's Scorecard to Date:


Track 1:            'Excellent' rating

Track 2:            'Very Good' rating

Track 3:            'Very Good' rating 

Track 4:            'Excellent' rating

Track 5:            'Very Good' rating

Congratulations to Annette and Vandal on gaining your Track 5 pass last weekend. Awesome work once again. On to Track 6 if Dan the Man allows it ....

Di with Zandrac Some Kind Of Love


Poppy's Scorecard to Date:

Rally Novice:                 96/100 (1st in Ring)

Congratulations to Di and Poppy on your first Rally pass with a really great score!

Edwina with Lizzie  ET


Lizzie's scorecard to Date:

Endurance Title:         Pass   

Congratulations to Edwina & Lizzie on gaining your Endurance Title (ET). 20 kms is a long way in any man's language !

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