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Competitive Dog Obedience – Training Guide 

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I am passionate about competitive dog obedience. This Training Guide was written with the aim of inspiring more trainers to consider ANKC obedience Trialling as their preferred competition format.


Success in the Trial ring brings an enormous sense of achievement and enjoyment to both you and your dog. It’s a challenge I hope more trainers undertake.


This Guide is the culmination of 45 years’ experience both as a competitor and now as a coach. It’s designed as an easy to read and practical reference book. You'll find it a valuable resource as you navigate your way through the development stages for ANKC obedience.


The Guide will help trainers prepare their dogs and prepare themselves for obedienceTrialling. It will improve your training outcomes and may just give you that competitive edge.

It's a workbook - put highlighting pen through the special bits, write notes on the pages and dog-ear your favourite parts. My training mantra is NO PRACTICE - NO SUCCESS, so use this Guide to improve and enjoy your training sessions. 

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