My name is Mark Murray and I have more than 40 years experience as a professional Dog Trainer.

This Webpage acknowledges the amazing performances of many dog/handler teams who have trained with me over the years. Their Trial results are recorded here for everyone to see and enjoy. It's a recognition of the dedicated work needed to prepare a dog for competition trialling.

Great competiton dogs don't just magically happen.These dogs are created by using a training system that complements their temperament. A training system that promotes and develops a happy and confident dog, one who is very correct in his work. 


I've decided to share some of my knowledge with those who might be interested in my work. Look under the "Training Tips" tab for lots of information on the training and management of dogs, along with my principles for the creation of a great competition dog!

Di with Rex
Current News

COVID really put a stop to all competitions during 2020, but thankfully 2021 sees life starting to get back to something like normal (with occasional hiccups along the way!)

Sadly, we have lost 2 champion dogs during this time. Annette's Rottweiler "Mondo" and Di's German Shepherd "Rex" are no longer with us. Two very good dogs who will be greatly missed by everyone in the Group.

Congratulations to Annette with her dog 'Vandal' on gaining your TD tracking title. Great scores, well done and looking forward to your Track 4 results.

Also, congratulations must go out to Lana and her Border Collie 'Ben' on gaining your CD Novice Obedience title at Geelong this weekend. 

Congratulation to Edwina and her GSD 'Lizzie' on gaining your Endurance title recently. 20km's is a long way in any man's language !

I'm in the process of updating this webpage, so stay with me while the work is undertaken.