My name is Mark Murray and I have more than 40 years experience as a professional Dog Trainer.

This Webpage acknowledges the amazing performances of many dog/handler teams who have trained with me over the years. Their Trial results are recorded here for everyone to see and enjoy. It's a recognition of the dedicated work needed to prepare a dog for competition trialling.

Great competition dogs don't just magically happen. They are created by using a training system that complements their temperament. A training system that promotes and develops a happy and confident dog, one who is very correct in his work. 


Look under the "Training Tips" tab for lots of information on the training and management of dogs.

Current News
The Book is now available..

 "Competitive Dog Obedience - Training Guide"
         Price: $59.00 (+ postage)

The Guide is designed to assist you with your individual training for ANKC obedience Trials. It's for all those times when you're practising on your own and need a reference guide. 
It offers alternative thinking, different methods and clear explanations. It may just change your training outcomes and give you that competitive edge.
It’s designed specifically for handlers just starting on their competition journey and also those who are already competing.
Only available through this website.



Learned a stack of new information, a great book” – Steve

Absolutely invaluable information for anyone wanting to compete and enjoy the training journey with their dog. It would take many years to gain this amount of competition knowledge” - Di

So many new concepts that really helped my tired old obedience training. Really exciting to see my new dog in action”                                                                                                                                                                                                - Jemma

I’m just a beginner and this book has really given me the confidence to compete in ANKC obedience trials” – Peta

Great read. Really good information. Less than the cost of a private lesson” - Charlie

"Congratulations on your book, very professional and informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge". - Sharon

"If anyone is after a good book to read about competing and training a competition dog then this is the book for you" - Lana
"Mark is a great trainer. I have learned a lot from him. This is a really great book." - Dianne
" Great read for those beginning their journey into the world of training and trialling and a good reminder for us oldies to
  rethink some of our methods" - Annette
"Mark's compact book is a gold-mine, a really useful tool for new people and experienced people alike. It's a gem and very
  much worth a read" - Claire
"I found it excellent and will certainly recommend it. It is clear and concise. I am hoping you consider volume 2 to include
  Open, UD and UDX activities" - Sue
"Loving your book" - Cathy
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Congratulations to Annette with her dog 'Vandal' on gaining your Track 5 pass last weekend. Vandal scored an "VERY GOOD" rating. Well done from everyone in the Group. Super Work!!!

Also, congratulations must go out to Lana and her Border Collie 'Ben' on gaining your CD Novice Obedience title at Geelong recently

Congratulation to Edwina and her GSD 'Lizzie' on gaining your Endurance title recently. 20km's is a long way in any person's language !

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